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Deforestation was a big controversy with environmentalists. A lot of people argue the advantages of deforestation, however they look past the bad effects it does have. Individuals who support deforestation might explore the economic advantages of deforestation. Deforestation might have economic advantages, but even though, the disadvantages significantly outweigh the positives. Deforestation destroys natural habitats for animals. The end result of deforestation is a major reduction in biodiversity. Inside the article, advantages of Deforestation, Nathalie Fiset primarily focuses on the economical advantages of deforestation. Another level that Fiset makes is that deforestation may create many jobs. She states that whenever environmentalists opposed to deforestation, it causes many individuals working with lumber merchandises to lose those jobs.

When deforestation is looked over in perspective, could it be truly worthwhile? Individuals are always able to get up and find another job. They could monitor the woods and wildlife rather than cutting down trees plus destroying natural habitats. In a single forest there are several types of trees and it could take centuries to create a voluminous forest that mainly supports biodiversity and all the wildlife surviving in it. The last claim she makes is the fact that destroying woods may help find more natural resources, like petroleum, natural gas, and coal. If deforestation keeps going down the road it is going, then a lot more species may be reduced.

One certain study done by researchers was to record how a stingless bee adapted with deforestation. In a report done on these stingless bees, researchers went to distinct parts of the Amazon which were struggling with deforestation and rolled up the bees to see the way they were accommodating to deforestation. Consequently, they found seven distinct species of stingless bees, however only two of these species seemed to not be impacted by deforestation. This is just an example of how deforestation may destroy a species. Another example of animals in danger due to deforestation is the ring tailed lemurs. Deforestation is placing certainly a lot of pressure on these lemurs live in Madagascar.

The evidence proves that there are plenty of different types of species being impacted by deforestation which range from bees to monkeys. Clearing trees to build farms, towns, and houses only destroys natural habitats. There are other effects of deforestation the fact that many people look past. One example of a side effect of deforestation is the contaminants brought in to the forest. Even though deforestation has greatly influenced the wildlife, there are a few businesses attempting to help some of the animals who struggle in wild.

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