“Action speaks louder than words”. That is something we have been learning since ever.

But what steps did we take to look after our earth from the worsening climate? Every month campaigns are supported by various societies to increase awareness about this issue. But do you think only creating awareness is enough? Do you believe people go on taking action on it, even when they are aware this the problem?

The easy response to these the questions is NO.

Melting glacier, reducing rainfall, increasing drought; these problems are immense that might need ages for us to reconstruct. But does that mean we could just sit back and let the NASA and other scientist do the job?

Again the response is NO.

We can take easy and simple steps to stop climate change.

Reduce, recycle and reuse. Three steps to start with the action against climate change. Reduce consumption of energy and increase more efficiency. Take advantage of second-hand markets, give new life to items you don’t use anymore or find something that someone else has gotten rid of but you need. You’ll be saving money and reducing your consumption. Bartering is a practical solution. Recycle waste made of packaging and electronic items. You can save over 730 kilos of CO2 each year just by recycling half of the garbage produced at home.

70% of world’s population prefers consuming meat for their diet. Livestock is one of the biggest contaminators of the atmosphere. We can’t turn into vegetarians over night. Maybe never. But by consumption of low carbon diet we are taking step against climate change.

Take one baby step against climate change. Be subject to act and leave the talking for others.

ICCE has taken their step against climate change; Green (R)evolution. This initiative is helping others to understand their responsibility towards this problem. Join ICCE to save the environment.




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