Show concern, Don’t burn

a12-Global Warming show concern don’t burnIt took many years to accept that mankind is causing global warming with emission of greenhouse gasesmainly CO2 production. This is caused by burning fossil fuels and thus bringing abouta change of the temperature. More than 80% of energy demand of the world is supplied by fossil fuels i.e. coal, oil, or gas. It is nearly impossible to find alternative sources to replace these natural resources.


The true cause of global warming is the thoughtless attitude of human kind towards nature. We try to control nature rather that being a part of it. The lesson we should learn from the research data is to base all decisions in consideration for nature. Only a handful of people trying to show concern, avoiding burning fuels, taking proper measures will not be the only help. Everyone should be a part of a larger effort on a global level. Together we can work out by bringing fundamental changes in our attitude to life and to nature.

We all should get deeper knowledge about all the little steps that can be taken easily. ICCE aims to educate people and is offering a certificate course of the problems behind global warming and ways in which we can reduce the problem. Getting in touch with Green Revolution can make us aware of the facts even deeper.