Climate Change needs a Plan. That much is obvious.

Over years we have come across numerous amount of news that state how much damage Climate Change is causing to our oh so precious Earth. But at the end of the day that news becomes a stale story which is long forgotten by next morning. We cannot deny the fact that we are facing this grave issue that is probably going to be around us for a long time.

So instead of just chit chatting about how Climate Change is harming us, we should rather prepare ourselves for its impact.

Preparing for Climate Change — also known as Climate Change Adaptation — is about reducing the risk of climate change impacts to people, places and resources. We know that climate change is already occurring, and that additional warming is unavoidable. If we hope to limit the negative impacts of climate change, we must prepare by identifying vulnerabilities and by planning accordingly.

The science of climate change is clear. The climate is already changing, and additional changes are unavoidable. This is because greenhouse gases — carbon dioxide and methane, for example — persist for a long time in the atmosphere, which allows the gases to accumulate over time. This also means we will experience a lag between when we reduce emissions and when we actually feel the benefits of that emissions reduction. Even if we halted all climate changing emissions tomorrow, the world would continue to experience accelerating climate change for years to come.

Since we cannot stop climate change, we must embrace climate change adaptation. In fact, since we cannot stop all the impacts of climate change, sometimes the best action may be to reduce other stressors in the ecosystem. For example, we cannot prevent sea level rise from flooding coastal marshes, but we may be able to increase the resilience of those marshes by reducing water pollution or protecting nearby natural areas from development.

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