Saving The Environment- One Small Step At a Time


I woke up to the alarm, as usual this morning. My phone had been charging overnight. It was overcharged. Will unplug the charger, later. Another 10 minutes of sleep won’t derail my schedule. So I decide to give those minutes to myself. The circulation of the cool air conditioning set up by the slow speed fan was too comforting to get out of the bed.

It was 30 minutes now. I decide to wake up, finally- the visualization of my late entry at the office (and its possible consequences) was enough for me to rush to the washroom. I put the geyser on and start to brush my teeth. The water freely flows through the faucet all through my brushing process. Next, I step in to the shower and its warmth is just too comforting to use it for a mere wash. I spend extra five minutes warming myself up. I walk back into the room and feel like I am about to start shivering. Oh wait! I had forgotten to switch the AC and the fan off! I do now. The lights- I need them to dress up and I had paid for every single one of them- so it makes more sense to switch them all on. This trouser, has worn out enough to make it trash worthy. So, I select another dress. But wait, my hair isn’t dry yet and I must use the hair dryer to get it dry as soon as possible. 15 minutes later, I am all dressed up for the office. I walk into the kitchen, make myself some tea and put the breakfast in the microwave to warm it up. I then walk into the drawing room, open the door, collect the newspaper and put it on the coffee table. TV is the perfect accompaniment to a steaming hot cup of tea, I think. So, I switch the TV on. The microwave had been beeping all this while. I ignore its beeps. I finally decide to have my breakfast minutes later and set it to warm again. I leave home for office- it is walking distance away with many public transport options available. But I have a bike, so why should I not use it?

Reached office. We had a meeting with a climate counsellor that day. She was trying to explain to us that the climate change threat was real. But she wasn’t really talking anything we didn’t already know (and ignore?). Her ideas on how each one of us could contribute to the environment in our personal capacity was quite interesting. But I had been thinking, isn’t the science behind creating a cleaner environment far too complicated? I mean how can an individual help the Earth cope with climate change? Still, I decide to enrol, to begin with. My life continued as it was until their course material arrived and I actually read it.

A month later.

I had segregated the wet and dry waste and kept it out of the house for municipal collection in the night. Woke up to the alarm this morning. My phone wasn’t charging overnight. The AC was turned off when the temperature of the room was just right to sleep. The fan wasn’t needed either. I walk into the washroom, turn the geyser on and brush my teeth- with the faucet not flowing freely this time. I quickly take a shower- just enough of it for a clean wash. I walk back into my room- It is sufficiently sunlit- I don’t really have to switch extra lights on. My hair- why would I blow dry it when I have enough time to let it dry on its own? Saves it from damage and also saves energy. Donating old clothes is not only philanthropic, but also helps save the environment- did you know that? Go find it out! I am ready for my office and still have enough time to read the newspaper and have breakfast. I unplug the microwave after my food warms up (in one attempt!). The drawing room lights were switched off in the night itself. Drew the curtains off to have enough light. Oh wait! Did I forget to switch the geyser off? Must run to do that. Read the newspaper while having breakfast. It was time to leave for the office. But before I left, a daily check must be performed- Are all the unused appliances plugged off? Yes, they are. The LPG regulator- turned down. Lights, fans- they are all switched off. Time to leave, my friends must have arrived at the bus stop. It is fun to take a public transport to the office and tell people about my new environment friendly lifestyle. It has inspired many. I follow the same energy saving tips at the office.

Now that’s one small step by a woman/man right? If each one of us decided to adapt these small changes, it would be a million steps- and that surely won’t be small then! Think! Believe it or not- With these small steps of mine, I am actually helping build a cleaner, sustainable future for planet Earth (and at the same time, saving 20-30% on my electricity, water and fuel bills!). Are you?

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin Doing!

b12-The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doingBusinesses and companies do not have a start just like that. They need proper planning and back up when they wish to become an accomplished organisation. Ideas may shape up but they can turn into reality only if the effort is taken to achieve great heights. Once the person decides to act upon the idea that he has, he must take the right actions that would help him to reach the destination rather than talk about the work he could do to achieve it. It is a well-known fact that actions speak better than words. The person who keeps talking right till the end will never be able to achieve the things that he wanted to and would end up losing what he has.

In order to be successful, it is imperative that the person starts putting in effort in the work that he has to finish. Talking about the work rather than beginning it, would only lead the person to a dead end and he would have to start from the beginning all over. Entrepreneur Vision conducts workshops and seminars to encourage professionals and entrepreneurs to accomplish their work.

Show concern, Don’t burn

a12-Global Warming show concern don’t burnIt took many years to accept that mankind is causing global warming with emission of greenhouse gasesmainly CO2 production. This is caused by burning fossil fuels and thus bringing abouta change of the temperature. More than 80% of energy demand of the world is supplied by fossil fuels i.e. coal, oil, or gas. It is nearly impossible to find alternative sources to replace these natural resources.


The true cause of global warming is the thoughtless attitude of human kind towards nature. We try to control nature rather that being a part of it. The lesson we should learn from the research data is to base all decisions in consideration for nature. Only a handful of people trying to show concern, avoiding burning fuels, taking proper measures will not be the only help. Everyone should be a part of a larger effort on a global level. Together we can work out by bringing fundamental changes in our attitude to life and to nature.

We all should get deeper knowledge about all the little steps that can be taken easily. ICCE aims to educate people and is offering a certificate course of the problems behind global warming and ways in which we can reduce the problem. Getting in touch with Green Revolution can make us aware of the facts even deeper.

Know the way, go the way and show the way


The next most essential quality one needs to be a successful entrepreneur is Leadership.

When you attempt at beginning a venture of your own, you are no longer responsible for individual contribution. It is the performance of a team that leads a company to success and you become responsible not just for yourself, but for the work of all others as well. This is why it is not everybody’s cup of tea, because you have to become far more responsible than you could ever be as an employee.

You will slowly have to gauge every member’s strengths and weaknesses and play on their strengths. You would have to become a people’s person because it is you who becomes the one who sets the goals and you who makes the amends. Success cannot be just your effort. You would have to trust your team. This is very, very important.

There is a saying that goes “If you want something done it right, do it yourself.”

Well, NO. You’re no superhuman.

Everyone today wants personal growth. If you are an available and approachable leader, your team will learn to trust in you. And if you got what it needs to do that, all you need to do next is get out of the way and let them do their job. Manage, that is what you need to become good at.

Start early. Cultivate habits that make you trustworthy. It takes a lot of determination to stay strong through popular and unpopular times.

A leader isn’t born, he is made. Become an example. You have to earn respect, not demand it.

Become the leader you would want your boss to be. End of story.

Image Source: Eremedia