Knowledge is power if applied

Not all that you learn is constructive. Some ideas and some of what you learn might even be destructive, but everything is knowledge, nonetheless. Knowledge is power is something you will see on a daily basis. It is the motto of many companies and schools, too. However, when is knowledge really powerful? It is useless, unless that knowledge is applied. Application of knowledge requires skill. It is not simple. Converting ideas into actions is what is implied by knowledge is power if applied. Continue reading “Knowledge is power if applied”

Climate Change! It’s Time to Act

“Climate change is real, it is happening right now. Let us not take this planet for granted. I will not take tonight for granted.” This is the speech of the man who won the Oscar this year, Leonardo DiCaprio, for his role in The Revenant. Yes, climate change is taking place right here on this planet, right now at this very moment.

We need to act, and act fast before this change becomes irreversible. We all know that the ozone layer has got a hole, whose size has been increasing since the 1970s. We have also observed around 1 degree increase in the global temperature. This might seem insignificant to us but the glaciers are melting. This will cause a huge rise in water levels if this keeps happening. Here are a few steps that we, as common people can take.

  • Reduce the usage ACs and refrigerators. They give out CFCs, which cause ozone to disintegrate.
  • Carbon monoxide is another chemical that we should avoid. This is caused due to incomplete combustion of fuels.

Crush Greed Go Green

Modern life has become way more comfortable compared to the past. However, technology has its flip sides too. With all the facilities and comforts of life, there come the brickbats. To ensure the environment is not damaged by the menace of global warming, you should embrace a green lifestyle. Are you wondering what you have to do! It’s simple!

  • Reduce car usage- Try walking or using your bicycle for covering short distance. This will ensure the pollution caused by vehicle emissions is reduced. You may also think of buying an electric bike or hybrid car.
  • Change appliances- Exchange or sell old power hungry appliances at home and kitchen. Think of getting an energy efficient air conditioners and refrigerator. This will also bring down energy bill per month.
  • Use natural energy- With time, prices of solar power driven products is coming down. You may invest in a solar cooker or use solar panels on rooftop to generate green energy.

Just by adjusting convenience a little, you can contribute to making the planet a greener place. You can do your bit and motivate others to do the same activities to fight global warming.

Do! Or Do Not! There is no try

In this world where everyone wants everything to be perfect, the word try has lost its meaning. You can either answer with a positive or negative, you cannot say you will try. That is where the entire problem starts. Yes, you can if you are an engineer or scientist, but that term is void in entrepreneurial terms. The term trying will give your investors a bad impression. The main objective of an entrepreneur is to be positive and self confident enough to make sure you will do.

Any entrepreneur should be perfectly capable of identifying his SWOT and should take decisions purely based on his abilities. This is why entrepreneurs should be steadfast and should be able to make decisions in the blink of an eye. Analyzing decisions is a whole different scenario, however, through basic understanding a successful entrepreneur should be able to decide whether he or she can take up the job or not. There is no in between, it should either be “will do” or “won’t do”, there is nothing called “will try”.

Do it now, sometimes later becomes never

The number of women and men who think of starting a venture is quite large, but only a few of them actually succeed in their ambition. The main reason is not lack of funds or setup. A lot of these budding entrepreneurs fall short of reaching their target owing to the lack of motivation to act on time.
Do not let your mind get caught by ‘I will do it sometimes later’ syndrome as that sometime may remain a distant and fairway future!

Here is what you need to do:

  • Whenever after starting a venture, some tasks become pending, do not let them gather. Handle one at a time, but clear the pending work as soon as you can. Or else, those could slow down business growth.
  • If you cannot understand how some such tasks can be accomplished, look for ideas. You can find plenty of ideas by interacting with industry experts in social media circles and also by reading relevant resources and books.

Successful entrepreneurs do not waste time and they try making the most of each moment. You can look forward to the helpful seminars and workshops from Entrepreneur Vision greater success into your entrepreneurial journey.

Keeping going like a clock Instead of watching it!

Time and tide wait for none. This is one of the most relevant proverbs in the present day scenario. You can choose to sit and watch or run along with time. The race against time is more applicable than anything else in today’s competitive world, filled with people running and working their shoes off.

Sitting idle is only going to cost you your life, your fortune, your dreams. Instead, work and make your life ever. Keep going. Pushing harder is what defines successful people. Like famous brands say “Nothing is Impossible” and “Just Do It”, you have to push yourself, push to the limit, and then you will know that there is nothing in this world that is impossible. Would there have been a light bulb if Thomas Edison hadn’t put in a 1000 tries? No. He kept it running, he kept going like the clock. There is no further joy than reaping the benefits of your hard work and watching your hard work pay dividends.

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A good education can change anyone

c13A good education can change anyoneEducation is a process of transferring knowledge, abilities, values and skills from one person to another. Right education enables students to find the clear picture and right direction of life. It helps in grooming personality. It enables to differentiate between right and wrong and thus enable students to follow the right path of life. Good individual can shape up a good company and a great society in future.

Transition of students to corporate culture needs right education.  A comprehensive programme is the key to help fresher’s transition to corporate life, inculcate organisational values and provide the first stepping stone towards professional career. Organisations should focus on making this experience unique through personal bonding thereby leaving an everlasting impression.

Creating an open environment, team play, management basics, operational aspects, client engagement, skill testing etc. can stimulate the process of transition from student to corporate employee. Inculcating good training and knowledge will help the students make a smooth shift from a student to a corporate professional.

If you too need to avail of this invaluable knowledge and mentorship, then you can visit International Centre for Culture & Education to know more. They are working tirelessly for empowering young students who want to enter the corporate life and make their presence count. If you are looking for a great start in the new competitive corporate environment, check out the details and become a confident professional who knows how to carry himself/ herself in the competitive corporate world.

Let’s Take A Few Steps to Save the Planet

We have only a single planet to live on. What good is it to give up what we have in search of something that we might or might not find at a later stage? That is what the present world is heading to. We are searching for a land foreign from ours to sustain us but we are neglecting the Earth that we have for that purpose. As the proverb goes, “a bird in hand is worth two in the bush” exactly suits our current situation.

Well, here are a few steps that we can take to save our own planet.

  • Limit the usage of fossil fuels (bikes, cars, etc.) and cycle or walk short distances.
  • Switch off fans and lights when not in use.
  • Save water. Do not allow it to run down the drain.
  • Protect wildlife and poaching. Aim to improve the land.
  • Plant trees and flowers.
  • Reduce usage of goods that give out CFCs. They help to save the ozone layer.
  • Take steps to replenish ground water sources.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Having a big idea is great, but absolutely nothing changes unless you act and put in concrete efforts. You may think and extrapolate all you can about your big idea, but until you take action on the idea, there is nothing tangible to show for the grand idea.

To be a successful entrepreneur you should cultivate an ability to be aware of future trends and how these trends may affect your business. The future is the source for the creation of your business and your life. And after knowing this, you should always be ready for challenges and accept them.

Your ability to create your business is directly proportional to the degree of belief you have in yourself. The simple fact is that nothing more directly affects your future than your point of view and your outlook. So always believe in your strengths and if you feel the need to have a mentor by your side, then look no further than Entrepreneur Vision. Now you are just one click or one phone call away from getting valuable information and knowledge needed to succeed in your entrepreneurial venture.