You can’t be expected to assemble the plane alone; that’s where good mentors can help.

An entrepreneur can never reach his goal alone. Entrepreneurs are constantly breaking rules and making mistakes in an effort to drive their businesses forward. For this reason, having a mentor is invaluable.

Mentoring ensures that knowledge, experience, and hard-won insight transfers from one person to another through personal interaction over time. While your own great ideas are essential to your new business, with an experienced mentor at your side, you will have one of the most powerful assets any new businessperson can ever have. A mentor’s advice will help you to take action on your imperfect “good plan” because they can give you extra confidence to move forward without hesitation. A good mentor helps you think through your business plan, suggest you ways to generate your startup capital and provides the experience you lack. They have the knowledge and skill that can keep you focused.

Remember though, a mentor cannot guarantee you success. They only guide you through your journey and advise you throughout your entrepreneur career. They can only show the right direction, but end result lies on the entrepreneur.

At ICCE, through our Entrepreneur Vision program, we try to guide potential entrepreneur in establishing up their startup. We help them to understand the requirements of a business and direct them towards success.



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