Is Global warming a serious threat?

Studies conducted over the last few years, have been indicative of the fact that nearly one fourth of the species living on Earth, could indeed be headed towards extinction by the year 2050! It also is quite apparent that the effect of global warming and climate change is already beginning to transform the life on earth greatly. So, is global warming a serious threat? And, if yes, why?

While the climate change is bound to cause a lot of havoc in the food cycle and lifestyle that we follow, scientists opine that it can also pose serious health threats.

3 Ways Climate Change Threatens Health

Increased Heat- Each year the earth is getting warmer. The heat waves send several children, adults and elderly to the emergency room and cost the health care systems in the tune of several million dollars.

Spread of diseases- The heat and warmth make way for disease carrying insects to be more active and thrive for longer. Illnesses such as dengue and Lyme spread during long summers.

Droughts- The long summers create a change in rain fall patterns and considerably reduce the water supply quantity as well as food supply.

Climate change is considered to be one of the most serious health threats that our world is facing. However, very few people have the awareness of how they can avert this. Join hands to spread the message of Global Warming and save our planet!