If Opportunity doesn’t knocks, Build a door.

Not all opportunities would come your way on a platter, some, you would have to make happen. Waiting for the right one can be rather difficult in this competitive world. So we all should be ready to create one.

Entrepreneurs take action in their own hands instead of waiting around for success to just come around the corner. They become very successful as they strive for success.  This means crafting a clear goal for your career or entrepreneurial vision. Once done, youb3-If Opportunity doesnt knocks, Build a door just cannot leave your success to chances. You have to take necessary steps required to reach your goals. Success is never handed over, we need to work for it. We need to make it happen through our actions, preparations, and new opportunities we make.Not everyone is a born entrepreneur; we need to learn a lot. INTCCE steps in as a guide and mentor to develop the spirit of entrepreneurship. Towards this initiative, it holds several workshops, seminars, and networking events for budding entrepreneurs to realize their dream of self sufficiency. For more info do visit International Centre for Culture & Education.