How to shop in an environment friendly way

If you are finding it too hard to adopt eco-friendly changes, chances are that you are biting off more than you can chew! All you have to do is adopt one change at a time. We have already discussed about simple changes in our last blog. Hope you have started to incorporate those little changes in your routine! In this blog, we shall discuss about another environment friendly, simple lifestyle change involving shopping.

You wait until your limited weekly stocks of your groceries and other supplies are finished. Then, you go shopping! You shop till you drop and stock up on supplies enough to last through another week. A small addition gets added to your final bill every time you shop- the plastic carry bags- because you opt for them! Once you are done with stacking all the supplies in their shelves and containers, you would toss the plastic packing and the carry bags into trash bins. And every single trash bin of this kind contributes to the growing piles of recalcitrant landfills, causing your share of damage to the environment.

Your contribution to healthier environment is few simple shopping changes away.

Plan before you shop: Do you really need to go shopping? Or you are addicted to retail therapy?! Make a list of all that you had been planning to buy. Give your list a second look. How many items you listed down are essential? Do you really need that extra pair of jeans or that new bright scarf? Planning before you shop not only saves time but also gives you a chance to take a better look at our needs. Things you don’t really need are likely to be trashed.  If there are items you can do without, omitting them from your shopping list saves money as well.

Bulk shopping: Instead of stocking up on supplies that would only last for a short time, but thinks you can stock for longer. Buying in bulk quantities not only saves time and money (& fuel!), but also save the environment as items in bulk come in compact packing. Go for products that come in environment friendly packaging.

Prepared Vs Fresh: Can’t you set 15 minutes of your day aside to was and cut your own veggies? Of course you can! Why then should you buy prepared or preserved vegetables? A visit to the green grocer will ensure you consume fresh veggies. This helps support local farmers and grocers and also cuts down the extra packaging that comes with prepared foods.

Shopping bags: Stop asking for plastic carry bags! Ask for paper bags or carry your own cloth/reusable bags instead!

Trust us, the Earth will thank you for every single change you make, no matter how small it was!