Global Warming – Can you keep it cool?

Global warming has become a much used buzzword. From the neighbourhood teen to a college professor, everyone seems to be worried about it. Everything you do, including the way you commute, use gadgets, or consume electricity, can contribute to this global menace.

Now, the pressing question is can you do something to keep the earth cool and reduce the impact of global warming? The answer is yes! With a few simple steps, you can do your bit to reduce impact of global warming.

  • Reduce fuel usage– A significant part of carbon emission comes from the cars on the road! So, whenever possible use greener means of transport like cycles. Using cycles for short distances is a good idea.
  • Eat local produce– By eating locally grown produce; you help reduce carbon emission caused by transportation of produce.
  • Energy efficient appliances– By using energy saving appliances, you do your bit towards reducing global warming. Exchange your old energy guzzling refrigerator for a CFC free model.

Before Global warming takes more alarming proportion, it is time we do our bit. By making a few changes to our lifestyle, it is possible to make earth a better and greener planet for the next generation.