Global warming- A hot topic

A phenomenon pertaining to nature that has taken the world by a change is global warming. This term refers to the case where the temperature of the earth keeps increasing due to the entrapment of gases like carbon dioxide and other pollutants and thereby increasing the irregularities in the nature.

With the increasing level of threat that this problem has been posing to the lives of the people and the other living forms in this world, this has become a hot topic for discussion around the world. All the world leaders from various countries have come together for a world summit to discuss their options in tackling this situation.

The focus of the discussion

This particular problem has increased the need for the use of renewable resources and also paved the way for finding sustainable energy. Awareness among the people is now being created by committed organizations to make them understand the problems that arise out of global warming and the greenhouse effect and the dire consequences that each person would have to face if they do not pay heed to the warnings. Worldwide global warming has become the problem of the hour that needs immediate corrective measures before it is too late.