Some people might use the terms “boss” and “leader” interchangeably, but that’s not entirely accurate.

The truth is, some bosses are simply that – a boss. They have attained a position in the management section of the corporate pyramid. A boss is your boss: the one with the nice, sleek room at the end of the corridor a designated parking space. They make decisions that affect the direction of the company and often control how money is spent.

None of that makes them a leader, however.

A leader can be your supervisor or the colleague who sits next to you and shares your stapler.

There are two reasons why people don’t say “like a leader!” as a catchphrase. One, it sounds weird and unfunny. Two, it takes more than just bossing people around to be a leader.

A boss’ goal is to get things done, while a leader, not only gets things done; they empower and motivate their team. Real leaders make things better; they don’t just point out what’s wrong.

A boss is always the center of attention. A leader is someone who steps back and brings out the best in the team.

Still confused? No worries, you’ll understand with the help of this infographic:

If you want to become a leader, don’t wait for the fancy title or the corner office. You can begin to act, think, and communicate like a leader long before that promotion. Even if you’re still several levels down and someone else is calling all the shots, there are numerous ways to demonstrate your potential and carve your path to the role you want.

Of course, a boss can be a leader as well but to get the title of a leader, he must act like one and earn the title.

So, take a quick self-assessment: Are you a boss or a leader?