Internet has changed the way we look at a problem and then deal with it. Be it the newbies or the old-aged, the technology upgrade facilitated by the entrepreneurs has successfully made everyone more independent. Independence from asking for favors for trivial things such as bill payment, transportation, e-shopping, household chores, etc.

Technology provides a wide range of tools entrepreneurs can use to guide their new companies through the startup and growth stages. Small-business accounting, marketing and communication have been revolutionized by advances in computer, network and communications technology, and businesses in a range of industries continually adapt to take full advantage of technological developments.

A lot has changed for entrepreneurs in the last decade, most of it brought about by improvements in technology.  It has never been easier to purchase a domain name, use a do-it-yourself web design platform and launch a website for your adoring fans.  Nor has it been easier to find the educational resources that empower us to do these things ourselves, or for a low price.  These are the opportunities that my father wouldn’t recognize when he started his own accounting firm in the 1980s.

No more thumbing through the Yellow Pages, or worrying that you’ll miss a call when you step out, or wondering how to stay in touch while you’re on vacation. Who would have imagined we’d have a solution that fits in your pocket?

Now most entrepreneurs see the opportunity to work anytime anywhere as a double-edged sword: free from the desk, but tethered to the smartphone.

The entrepreneurs from the startup sector have been the game changers. This is the sector that has made most out of the smartphone trend and has used it innovatively with technology to improve our lifestyle and mitigating the usual day-to-day hassles. There is a new app in the market every other day that promises to solve yet another problem of our through technology. But the underlying thought behind most of the apps remains the same – easing the hassles of the customers, and making almost everything possible online through mobile. This revolution that has started around two decade back, is now well in its prime. The idea is to make every process and every transaction so simple and transparent that even elderly people can get accustomed with the way these services are availed.

According to internetlivestats.com, India has the highest yearly growth rate and currently has the third largest number of Internet users globally. As per reports, India is ranked 1st in Baseline Profitability Index in 2015. This very fact in itself highlights the fact that our country has a huge potential to develop further and give other developed nations a tough competition through its technological advancements and ‘ideas’. This result indicates a promising future that India holds for all the investors. Looking at this trend, a handful of global multinationals have invested in various sectors of the country and are actually witnessing increase in returns.

After more than seven decades of independence, we can proudly say that we are not only aggressively pursuing economic growth and development but also augmenting the true essence of freedom and technological independence at a macro level. With the government’s vision of a ‘new India’, the country now has a strong hold and continued focus on science and technology and has realized its importance across sectors for a holistic growth.


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