Don’t Let the Opinions of Others Consume You!

This is a bad, bad world. People will judge you. People will have an opinion on anything and everything you do. The world is filled with people with those uncles you meet on your every train journey. They will give you so many opinions contradicting to their stance and want you to follow them, too. But you, as students, have to understand that this life is yours to live and enjoy.

Yes, some opinions do matter, yes, some will give constructive opinions. You can take them. Ignore the rest. The world is too huge and waiting right there for you to explore, not to think about all the opinions that you’ve got. Opinions are not hard to come by unlike actual and beneficial help. Everyone eventually has an opinion though they would know nothing about your interests. Therefore, you have to understand that no one who is intent on giving opinions is going to help constructively, and if they want to help you, they would have stated their interest. Advice and opinions minus the actual help will not benefit you. So don’t listen to each and every piece of advice and continue performing to your best potential.