Corporate skills the “secret” ingredient?

While on one side it is the harsh reality that our education system still has a long way to go to learn and disseminate awareness about the idea that “grades do not decide a child’s future”, one bright ray of hope is the rising awareness in students imbibing corporate/soft skills.

soft skill

What exactly are corporate skills?

Corporate skills are interpersonal skills that a person uses to interact with another – from communication to listening to gestures to stance.

Corporate skills are slowly becoming a necessity by aiding an individual in prepping up for upcoming corporate culture after he/she gets a job.

There are multiple benefits in empowering a student with corporate skills. He/She learns to have


So, how do you get involved in scenarios that help you develop your corporate skills?

Step Out: While grades can be important, so can extracurricular opportunities – take part in competitions, organize things, be a part of a team, make presentations, do whatever it takes to talk and interact with more people. The more you do that, the better you get at it.

In short, make yourself available to trying new things. You never know what might just click, and in the meanwhile, you will be in the pink of your preparations to face the corporate world.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

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