Climate Change.. Is it natural or man made?

Is Global Warming a natural process or is it affected by human beings? The argument is always in mind of common people primarily because of the numerous research reports and media coverage related to this topic. The problem faced by an increase in the global temperature is affecting all the living beings on the planet. And all of us should be fully aware of what is behind it and also have solutions ready to be implemented.a4-Climate Change.. Is it natural or manmade

Key reasons for the climate change

A great degree of the reason to blame lies on human beings and the various commercial activities that have resulted in an increase in concentration of greenhouse gases. These include

  • Fossil fuel production and use,
  • synthetic fertilizers usage,
  • refrigeration gases usage,
  • burning of fossil fuel as coal, and
  • Land use changes including deforestation and building industries on green zones.

While natural causes do contribute to global warming their contribution is hardly 5% as compared to the human-induced reasons for global warming.

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