The threat of climate change!!

In the recent years, climate change has become the ultimate threat to the people in this world. Gone are the days when wars and vandalism were considered to be the major threat to the society. Climatic changes, like uncertainty in the weather forecast, sudden heavy rains, volcanic eruptions, and rising temperatures has slowly started to pose a threat to the people.

One might ask what kind of a threat these changes might pose to the people who live in this world. The answer is pretty simple and the future would surely have to face the dire consequences if this situation is not handled properly. Continue reading “The threat of climate change!!”

Too young to be an entrepreneur? Think again.

Once upon a time…

Was a time not too long ago when one would rack his brains off for trying to take the road less traveled and begin a venture of his own. Entered a tangy twist of some leaders and creators of impactful business firms and there began a revolution where the economy that was filled with fishes that went with the flow turned into one that had those that dared to take a risk to go against it.


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So what is it like to be an entrepreneur? And why isn’t every other person one?

Being an entrepreneur (Auhn-treh-pre-nurr) is to be someone who starts a business or businesses of his own by involving a risk of sales or profits.

But then again, why isn’t everybody one?

Because becoming an entrepreneur has its own daunting challenges. First comes the rebuke from the kith and kin followed by lack of awareness and then lack of the investment required. The problem here is that for ages Indians have nourished the idea that it is always more “secure” to join hands with a job creator than to attempt to create jobs of your own. One is called “unsettled” or “unstable” in life if he is attempting to initiate something of his own.

But to add to the brighter side of the picture, the young blood is today breaking these stereotypes and taking risks to work on its own dream projects than to fuel the growth of another’s. Pff..might as well drown in your sweat and blood for your own self, eh?

Where does it all begin then?

An idea. One good idea is where it all begins. If you keep your mind open, it comes to you at the most unexpected time.

So you have an idea, what next?

Ideas don’t last too long if you don’t work on them. There is investment needed- time, energy and a lot of times, money. The secret is to make the idea a reality before it crosses its expiry.

If you are still one of those who is backing out from taking a risk just because of the stereotypes of the society, weigh the following benefits of taking a risk and making it happen and compare it to what you gain from a “secure” job:

  1. YOU are the representation of your brand. No one else gets to hog on the benefits of your hard work. You become the employe-r instead of the employe-e.
  2. You get to choose how things work instead of others delegating them to you.
  3. You can enjoy hobbies and family time better.
  4. It is one of the biggest challenges that you face. It’s all about Your decisions- good or bad.
  5. You create your own work culture.
  6. You make money doing what you love, now who wouldn’t want THAT?!

So go out there, stop underestimating how successful your business can be and let your idea change your life!

What is your excuse?

Desmond Tutu said, “25 years ago, people could be excused for not knowing or doing much about climate change.”

What’s your excuse today?

Do you believe that the climate is changing because of us? Or would it be something you would debate about putting the volcanoes and natural emissions of carbon dioxide at fault?

Well, you would be right to say that they do emit a lot of these gases. But surprisingly, they only manage to emit 1 percent of what we humans do. Reports say that seven of the eight warmest years in the history of mankind have been recorded since 2001.

Okay, let’s cut to the chase.

What is Global Warming all about? Why is it all over the place?

Global warming, in simple terms, is the rise in the average surface temperature of the earth to due increased emission of greenhouse gases, especially Carbon dioxide.

So, the next question that arises is, “Trees absorb the carbon dioxide that we emit, so how bad can this be?”

Well, very.

Sure, all plants usually need carbon dioxide to synthesize sunlight into energy to grow, but they cannot absorb quantities as high as what we emit.

Image Source : Webgranth
Image Source : Webgranth

How does the CO2 impact us then?

It causes melting of the glaciers on the poles and all around the globe- half the world’s population is at the risk of getting submerged. This further can lead to more frequent droughts, displacements of refugees and food crisis all across the world. While there are also uncontrollable factors that contribute to climate change, studies have revealed that controllable human causes like fossil fuel burning and exploitation of natural resources bag the largest share in it.

Now for the most important part: How do we get this in check?

There are baby steps we can begin with. Some of them would be:

  1. Reduce/Avoid usage of fossil fuels: Tune your cars regularly, carpool or use public transport, and opt for renewable fuel forms.
  2. Use energy efficient electric appliances and CFL bulbs.
  3. Reduce, Re-use and Recycle: Lesser the waste to burn, lesser the emission.
  4. Conserve water, so the underground water levels are in balance.
  5. PLANT A TREE. Nothing helps more than having more trees to absorb the carbon dioxide. Every plant has the capacity to absorb about 48 pounds of CO2 a year!
  6. Volunteer and enroll in the ICCE Green (R)evolution and learn how you can join hands to make the world a better place to live in!


Psst.. If you still think that the economy matters more than this, try holding your breath while you count all your money and see how long you would last! 😉

Climate Change.. Is it too late!

In layman language, global warming means the planet earth is warming. Globally the rise is by 0.8 degree Celsius already. This unwanted phenomena is caused basically due to accumulation of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere produced by human activities. These changes are affecting both nature as well as human society and will continue to have worst effects later too. Some of the effects can be: Desertification, increased melting snow and ice, sea level rise, stronger storms, hurricanes and cyclones etc. Continue reading “Climate Change.. Is it too late!”

Entrepreneurship – Don't be afraid, make your ideas happen!!


Not everyone can choose to be an entrepreneur- it requires some guts and capacity to think differently than the run of the mill people. However, if you want to be an entrepreneur- do not just sit with the ideas- implement them into actions.

Take one step at a time- When you begin as an entrepreneur- take small steps- one at a time. Begin business at your region and with time think of expansion. Continue reading “Entrepreneurship – Don't be afraid, make your ideas happen!!”