The most typical stereotype statement we hear is “DON’T FAIL”…

But what we actually fail to understand is that failure is an asset. It might come with a liability of disappointment but builds the hunger to grow. Entrepreneurs are born with the nature of curiosity. Their curiosity to experiment with their venture, try dynamic environment might prove “Curiosity killed the cat” appropriate. But every entrepreneur get his hands burned time to time.

Failure should not be confused with quitting.

Without a doubt, the first entrepreneurial failure will always be most painful and regretful. Much like heartbreak, however, the process of recovering from failure gets easier with each subsequent failure and each teaches you something new as you evolve as an entrepreneur. While nobody should aspire to fail continually, understanding that you can and will survive only makes you a more effective and confidence entrepreneur.

Fear of failure is a valid fear and shared by many. If we embrace it, understand it, and allow it to motivate us, one will find that fear of failure is something that will make you a better entrepreneur. Some failures are true learning opportunities that give birth to a disciplined innovation and experimentation process; others are the outcomes of very poor decision making. We need to understand that failure can never be avoided. To grow and taste success one should first fight their fear of failing and discover the ladder of success from each hurdle.

Can I be an entrepreneur??

Some people never go forward after asking this question.


Do you think being an Entrepreneur is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Well if it’s not, than that shouldn’t bother you. Instead, make your own tea and have it. Being an Entrepreneur is all about being creative at the point where everyone else stops thinking. You need to buckle up your shoes not just to run the marathon but to succeed it too. It doesn’t matter what position you acquire but surely means to run till the finish line.

It’s true, you don’t just getup someday and realize I can be a business person and make my own kingdom. But why not give it a try. Entrepreneurship is the art of finding a chance and after that pursuing it to success. As the saying goes “Brilliant individuals also see the same things which other do, but they find things others don’t”.  And same goes with the Entrepreneur’s too. They don’t settle for ordinary things but have a mindset of achieving more than they can handle.

Although  being an Entrepreneur is rewarding in many ways. But you have to comprehend that success does not come overnight. It takes the patience of long hours , late nights and focused minds to deal with the pressure of the Entrepreneur’s Dream to a successful journey.

“I walk slowly but I never walk backward- Abraham Lincoln”. He said it so perfectly because even though every startups may have a slow beginning but the strong persistence towards the goals make it worth living.

Being messy may make you a successful entrepreneur.

Mark Zuckerberg at work.
Mark Zuckerberg at work.

The next time your mom asks you to clean your room or your boss cringes at your messy desk, you can tell them that studies have found that people with a messy desk were more prone to creativity and risk taking, than those with orderly ones. It might just mean you are the next big creative entrepreneur!

There are actually several normed tests for creativity, the most well-known being the Torrance series. These tests, when given to individuals with chronic disorganization find that there are high scores in areas such as storytelling, unusual visualizations, humor, breaking normal boundaries, thinking “outside the box,” and a richness in the images that they create in their minds.

There are many famous examples of successful people who are known to have a messy work environment- Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, Max Levchin, co-founder and former CTO of PayPal, painter Francis Bacon, discoverer of penicillin Alexander Fleming, programmer and codebreaker Alan Turing and many more.

Additionally, having a chaotic work-space could also means that you are a go-getter and are more likely to take risks and be adventurous. These are traits that are a must for any successful entrepreneur.

Just some food for thought for all those who think that nothing can come out of disorder.


Answers to all your Questions

The majority of the discussions start with the question, How may you be an entrepreneur? and What should be done to become an effective entrepreneur? but the first question that has to be coped with is Why do you need to be an entrepreneur? Do you really need to be an entrepreneur? Here is the first question that has to be asked by anyone and everybody before thinking about starting any business venture? This is the moot question.

Yes, first of all you’d have to comprehend who’s an entrepreneur? what’s entrepreneurship per se? Taking its derivation we’re able to comprehend entrepreneur as somebody who enters the nerve center of the company that no one entered before and after that makes changes to it which results in a paradigm shift in the whole procedure. An entrepreneur is the one that’s prepared to take risk in any business effort. Entrepreneurship is the art of finding a chance and after that pursuing it to success. As a saying goes Brilliant individuals also see the same things which others do, but they find things which others don’t.

It’s the same with entrepreneurs also. They come out with thoughts that others do not think about and that’s the reason they become successful. Another term that has found plenty of popularity in latest time is a technopreneur. Well, a technopreneur might be comprehended as an entrepreneur in a company related to technology. It’s usually seen that a technopreneur usually has some type of proprietary and patentable IP rights that he commercializes and reap benefits out of it. Technopreneurship is a term which is usually used for software companies.

Why entrepreneurship? Why are you thinking about being an entrepreneur? Do you actually need to be an entrepreneur or can be there some sort of compulsion to be an entrepreneur? Is it because you do not have any job or you presently find yourself out of job? There are several who get into the field because that’s what his father and ancestors have been doing. It’s the one where individuals claim that they would like to be entrepreneurs for the quite simple reason that they would like to be entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship can definitely prove very rewarding, but and now this is an extremely large but, it’s very dangerous and not easy.

Make more moves & fewer announcements

If you’re considering starting an organization, you may need an extensive array of entrepreneurial abilities to succeed in today’s marketplace competitive. You must possess fundamental skills needed to empower you to start, develop, finance, and promote your very own home business ventures. There are many different qualities and abilities you need to have, including personal characteristics, business skills and management capacity. While you cannot get all of them right now, you’ll find five fundamental abilities you truly must have to run any type of company. Sales and advertising are the two most significant skills you should have whenever you plan to start your very own business.

You could have the most elaborate computer with the latest graphic software, but if no body is knocking at your door to use you as a graphic designer, then you better reconsider why you’re running a business in the first place. To have earnings and gains, you first need to have clients. To get customers, you need to be able to promote your company and possess the abilities to close the sale. As you plan your company, you must start to think how to reach your market as well as the people who might need your service or products. You need to create a hype about your company by talking to individuals and presenting to them your company.

You need to write advertisements, news release and story ideas about your company. Starting a company is a time to get from the timid self and start to vigorously market your venture. Additionally you need to determine the best pricing framework for the company in order to get the best type of return for your services or products. Success in business isn’t limited to those who’ve tons of capital in the beginning. If you’re able to manage your cash flow and when the company begins to run, you’ll be capable to survive the downs and ups of self employment. As an entrepreneur, you don’t have the luxury of bosses and paperwork to tell you what has to be done. To succeed in business, you should be a self starter with a definite desired objective at heart.

Why Choose Entrepreneurship??

entrepreneur-thinkingTo some of you, I’m preaching to the choir. There are however, a group of people reading this that are trying to decide if they should make the leap into entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone, but if you do have the bug to experience freedom and still generate income, entrepreneurship can lead to an amazing life. You get to set your own schedule, you get to call the shots and answer to yourself.

Each of us spends 40-plus hours of our week in some form of work. That time could be spent doing something you love or doing something that makes you miserable and affects all other areas of your life

Among the biggest problems for entrepreneurs involves dealing with financing. For new entrepreneurs, it’s usually hard to raise sufficient capital to start up their businesses. Even after the business is initiated, entrepreneurs possess a hard time getting loans as well as lines of credit, as banks establish high qualification conditions for small business owners. Another problem that entrepreneurs face is they might struggle economically for quite some time before their company becomes lucrative. At the meantime, entrepreneurs work extended hours as well as for little to no pay. Entrepreneurs are known for investing in extended hours and juggling many responsibilities.

It is imperative that they’ve good time management skills. Otherwise, entrepreneurs are apt to overload themselves as well as take on more work than they could manage. In the long term, this is not good for the businessman’s health or the standing of the company. For individuals with a family at home, managing a work life as well as a home life often proves difficult. While many people are accustomed to have an establish work schedule and routine they have to comply with, things are somewhat different with entrepreneurs. When you are self-employed, you should motivate yourself to get up early every day and handle what needs to get done.

A lot of people are good at keeping themselves inspired, but others think it is a continuing battle. For an entrepreneur, there is no time at all for procrastination as you will not be receiving paid by striking a time clock. As an entrepreneur, you are paid solely by your very own productivity and success. Entrepreneurs are known for continuously brainstorming as well as having new ideas on how they could capitalize and make more income. While having these distinctive ideas are the best thing, they could become frustrating if you lack enough focus to narrow down your choices to the ones with the most potential.

The Happiness of Raising a Young Entrepreneur

Here is how parents can foster their kid’s talents, desires, and cultivate their inner entrepreneur. Fostering an entrepreneurial state of mind helps kids concentrate on solutions, as opposed to the problem. Parents should nurture their kid’s inner entrepreneur, if they realize their kid has great ideas or talents that may generate money. The best starting point is to move the child from a consumerism attitude and get them becoming a producer. The entrepreneurial state of mind is an approach, along with a skill set and behaviors, that young adults need to succeed academically, individually, and appropriately. Included in these are initiative and self direction, risk taking, flexibility, versatility, resourcefulness, innovation, critical thinking, and problem solving, in compliance with the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, a global non-profit organization that delivers entrepreneurship training and instruction programs.

If your child has an idea for a business, let him or her give it a go. If the child succeeds, then great. If he or she fails, even better. Indeed, teaching a child to not fear failure is one of the best ways for parents to prepare their kids for success in life.

Since 1987, NFTE has worked with greater than 700, 000 young people from low income communities in applications across the U.S. And around the globe. Currently, NFTE work our successful curriculum in 23 places in 10 countries and carries on to enlarge, sharing and distributing the transformative power of entrepreneurship. Previous nominees and winners of Black Enterprise yearly Teenpreneur of the Year Award, presented in the Entrepreneurs Summit, have now been individuals in NFTE National Entrepreneurship Challenge or Elevator Pitch Contests. In Elevating an Entrepreneur: 10 Rules for cultivating Risk Takers, Problem Solvers, and Change Makers, writer Margot Machol Bisnow, the mom of two profitable entrepreneurs, recognizes the Rules she used while parenting her youngsters, to increase innovative, confident, resilient, and unafraid youngsters that grow up to lead satisfied, happy life and change the world. Bisnow questioned 60 entrepreneurs and their mothers, including the creators of TOMS Shoes, Under Armour, Geek Squad, Method products, WordPress, 23andMe, Kiva, charity: water, and Pencils of Promise. She also spoke with young stars in non-profits and the arts actors, composers, and activists. The group diverse questioned cut to the other side of gender, racial, religious, and socio economic backgrounds, as well as all kinds of family from throughout the country.

For many young people, college might provide the path to a satisfying life. But for those, who are already moving forward with their careers, it’s not obvious that four years of dorm life, term papers and multiple-choice exams are in their best interest.

In the same four years, an entrepreneurial young person could be earning money, gaining valuable life experience and building his or her network. When you consider the costs, it would be a disservice to today’s youth to not consider if skipping college might be a better investment.

If you’re genuinely concerned about educating your kids, nurture their entrepreneurial side. Help them find an idea that ignites their imagination and let them find a way to turn that idea into a business. Give them the tools and emotional support they need but don’t hold their hand. And be ready to let them fail. It’s the best preparation for success.

Is entrepreneurship for you?

How do you know whether you could be an effective entrepreneur, or if you’re better off as a salaried employee? All people have bad day at work, when they begin to fantasize about how wonderful it’d be to be their very own boss. Despite the fact that there’s not a tried also true formula for success, research has demonstrated that successful entrepreneurs share many common features. Do you possess any of those character traits? A lot of them? If so, you might be a natural entrepreneur, an individual who’s inherently better suited for owning your very own company than working for somebody else.

Eventually you need to create a company that you run, rather than it running you, and hopefully it’ll make you a nice small fortune in the process. Leaving the comparatively safe corporate world, where paychecks arrive on a regular basis, and benefits are guaranteed, you’ll be venturing to the uncharted territories of company and it could be a daunting experience, but if you have what it might take, it may be the most effective challenge you ever face. As there is no formula for success, most effective entrepreneurs share several common features. If you are going to become an effective entrepreneur you need to get big dreams for yourself.

Successful entrepreneurs possess an attitude of visibility and faith which they might have what they need if they can just envision it as the first step on the way of action to acquiring it. As an entrepreneur you started a company to change your life, to create anything better, anything more. Entrepreneurs who succeed don’t mind the fact that they’re putting in 18 hours each day in their business since they definitely love what they do plus they believe in their mission. You do not need a degree in operation to succeed at your very own company. These individuals reached their full potential and achieve their financial and personal goals in operation since they were willing to understand. This willingness to learn becomes more essential given the rapid changes in technology and ways of conducting business and those which are open to change based on knowledge are the ones which have the better chance of being successful. You may want to learn about other companies and strategies which have worked and see if you may adopt them to your company. It’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs to place in two regular work days for every day of the week as spend some time on the weekends in their business, particularly in the first 2 years.