How many of you liked the idea of being a spy? Complete with gadgets, fast cars, and other attractive significants? It would be a great way to get secret information.

Well, it may be too late for us to join the Secret Service, but we can indulge in a bit of undercover information gathering by taking a sneak peek at competitors.

It’s almost impossible to come up with a digital marketing strategy without consistent information regarding the trends in the niche. And if you think that it’s only what works that matters, you may not get too far.

In order to develop a way to leverage customers’ and influencers’ behavior to your advantage, you’ll have to make yourself comfortable in the office chair and start to seriously monitor the entire niche. That’s the wonder of a free market – it has made it compulsory to weigh everything on the scale of competitive advantage.

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Having a smart mobile marketing strategy is an important part of building your personal brand online. Leveraging your social networks to their fullest potential is also important for visibility.

Instagram is one of the most widely used networks today that can help build a larger audience and following online, making it a must-engage tool for brands. Posting relevant images, ads and videos that your audience will love is just one part of the success formula.

To drive your sales on instagram is a lot easier than you think.

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Success is often achieved by those who don’t know that failure is inevitable – Coco Chanel

The iconic French Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur; Coco Chanel is truly an inspiration. Every girl dreams to own Chanel’s collection. We would hardly find anyone who isn’t aware of the great Chanel brand.

But how many of us know the master mind behind this brand, Coco Chanel?

Not many.

Coco Chanel was a leading French modernist designer, whose patterns of simplicity and style revolutionized women’s clothing. She was the only designer to be listed in the Time 100 most influential people of the Twentieth Century.



Customer delight is seen as an exaggerated word we hear in every motivational speech. In seminars, speakers rant about Customer Delight and we do nothing but stare blankly at those speakers during their rant.

It is true that delighted customers are five times more likely to repurchase a product than satisfied customers.

If a customer complaints or is unhappy with your product or service, don’t be discouraged. If they cared enough to share their feedback, you have been given a great opportunity to better understand what is needed to delight your customer base.

First lets understand what customer delight is not! It’s not “Have a nice day” or “Buy one get on off”! It is the sense of surprising customers with the level of service you provide’, its surprising them in a positive way please!

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Imagine if you could do anything in the world without feeling fear or any negative feelings.

Fear of failure is instilled in us from early childhood. We’re told not to do that, avoid this, or else.

After a while you become cautious. Instead of taking action, you seek permission and confirmation.

As we grow, this belief tends to become unconscious and automatic. You aren’t aware of its presence, yet it controls you from the shadows, like an invisible puppet master.

Every entrepreneur we know is afraid of failure. It’s human nature. When we go outside of our comfort zone, we feel scared. As entrepreneurs, our ego and identity become so wrapped up in what we are doing, that when things do not go as we expect, we can literally feel like we are going to die.

What does failure do to us? We fall into a vicious downward spiral. Failure is a lot like a shot from a double barrel gun but with a difference. The first shot is like the news which explodes in one’s face. But it is the second, after a short time lag, which causes the most damage. It comprises of pain, humiliation, shame, frustration and anger. The first shot pales in comparison. It is life after the blast that causes the most hurt.

Successful people seem fearless and extraordinary, but that’s just how they’re perceived. Successful people started out very ordinary and through a combination of practice, hard work, effort, and action achieve their success. That myth of fearlessness, however, can act as a barrier to many, causing us to believe that being successful is predicated on being fearless and inherently extraordinary. But being brave isn’t living without fear; it’s living with fear, confronting it, and taking action in spite of it. It’s challenging yourself and putting yourself in places where you encounter fear and facing that fear. Fear is a very normal and inevitable part of being human; it’s one of the characteristic that define us. It’s a part of all of us. No one is truly fearless; they’ve just learned to embrace fear.