We can never forget our campus life. Doesn’t matter if it is hanging out in canteen or just wandering around aimlessly. We love doing the above more than attending our boring lectures. Without realizing we make N number of memories while doing nothing but just having fun.

Then all too soon the festive is over. One day we are enjoying coffee and Maggie with our friends with no worry of the world; and next day we are dressing up for our campus interview; A bittersweet moment for all of us.

Sweet because this interview can be our ticket to success and bitter because we’ll have to kiss our college goodbye.

With college life coming to an end and corporate life waiting to swallow us, we are allowed to feel petrified. The thought of being thrown from crazy college life to wilder corporate life can bring tears in our eyes. And on the top of that our seniors would never leave us alone without sharing their unpleasant experiences of “difficult targets” or “rude boss” and of course, “bulling colleagues”.

It’s alright to be scared, and it’s most definitely alright to be nervous.

But what is not alright to not know WHAT YOU WANT….

Not going to lie. Working for a company is not easy. Our boss is investing in us, so it’s natural for him to demand return on investment.

But our work becomes a lot easy when we are working for our passion. Doing a job that we love and we are good at. But do we know what we are good at?

Let’s find out with a small exercise.

We’ll close our eyes and think about our golden college days. We’ll try to see what our trump card was when we used to deal with our notorious friends. Remembered something? It doesn’t matter if it was our sheer wit to counter back or just our good communication skills. These are the factors that will help in coping with our corporate life.

Corporate life is not difficult. It is just different which can be conquered by our own tricks we learned during our campus life.

The journey from college to corporate is a crucial one. With many things to be taken under consideration. ICCE helps students to learn these etiquettes that would help them through their corporate life through their college2corporate program. Join this program to learn the life of corporate.


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