Work hard in silence and let success make all the noise.

An entrepreneur is defined as a person who organises and manages an enterprise. Entrepreneurship means different things to different people. While the vision may differ from the grand to the humble, one thing is common – your degree of success will depend on the commitment and hard work you put behind your enterprise. Continue reading “Work hard in silence and let success make all the noise.”

Goal without a plan is just a wish.

It is easy to set a goal if we know what we want to accomplish in our life. But these goals can take up a concrete shape only if we wish to work hard to achieve it. Goals are considered to be the things that we wish to accomplish in the longer run. In order to make sure that the goals are accomplished, the person needs to have a plan or an idea about how he wishes to achieve it. Continue reading “Goal without a plan is just a wish.”

EV – Be the game changer.

Entrepreneurship does not come to all and there is no clear cut formula for it. If you look at some of the most successful entrepreneurs of the world, you will see one common thing. They usually do not adhere to much trodden

Game Changer words in red 3d letters on a maze wall and an arrow breaking through to illustrate a new plan or strategy to win the game or competition in business or life
Game Changer words in red 3d letters on a maze wall and an arrow breaking through to illustrate a new plan or strategy to win the game or competition in business or life

paths in career! If you have the spirit of entrepreneurship in mind, go ahead and walk on the less trodden path. That will make the difference. Continue reading “EV – Be the game changer.”

Climate Change.. Is it too late!

In layman language, global warming means the planet earth is warming. Globally the rise is by 0.8 degree Celsius already. This unwanted phenomena is caused basically due to accumulation of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere produced by human activities. These changes are affecting both nature as well as human society and will continue to have worst effects later too. Some of the effects can be: Desertification, increased melting snow and ice, sea level rise, stronger storms, hurricanes and cyclones etc. Continue reading “Climate Change.. Is it too late!”

One day you will say “I made It”

c17-One day you will say I made ItWhen you get into professional life leaving behind the sweet days of college and university, things may not seem exactly rosy! You may have a tough time adjusting to the changes and for some individuals the going gets tougher than others! However, you should not be bogged down, but keep the focus on the future. By putting in consistent efforts and sticking to the goals, you can achieve success.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • When many tasks seem like a never ending burden, learn to prioritize. Do one task at a time and then move to the next.
  • There would be hurdles in your way at various stages of career. However, let not these obstacles demotivate and deter you. Every successful entrepreneur and professional has faced obstacles in his or her career.
  • You should have a clear cut plan of proceeding in your career in mind. This will help you reach your goals faster.

With consistency and dedication to work, you will be able to reach your target one day. The realization of making it will dawn on your mind and you will experience an unprecedented bliss.

Education is a journey, not a race

c16-Education is a journey not a raceThe world is a rat race. If you fall, people will run over you. In such a world, it is time for you to be the change. It is time for you to be the man who pulls up any fallen person from the ground. That is what education is all about. Taking people with you through the beautiful journey of learning is what education is all about. You have to understand that education is not a race, it is a journey, where you learn and you teach what you learn.

Education is what makes this world a better place to live in. Educating yourself is not the sole aim in life. Educating others around you through your knowledge is what makes you great. The purpose of life is to leave behind a legacy that people will follow, to make the world believe that good is still there. This is what education is. It is not the rat race that is happening in the present day world, where education is nothing and voice is everything.

Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end.

Transition is very difficult at every stage. From home to school, school to college or from college to corporate. The last one is rather more challenging because at this stage the students are on their own and mainly concerns with their pay packets. All the experience is real and students may not be ready to face the competitive culture they would witness at their offices and in corporate settings. Continue reading “Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end.”

Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world

c15-Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the worldJust like knowledge is power, education is the base of all weapons. By weapons, it is not the nuclear weapon we are talking about, but the weapon we all have, the brain. Using your education, you can shape the world. You can make the world a better place to live, just by getting educated. Education is the single thing that can reverse the damage that this Earth has faced.

Yes, global warming was caused by that only. However, we would not have devised renewable sources without that education. Education can be used to shape a world to everyone’s satisfaction. Education is the single tool that you can use with your brain to shape out a life for you and the rest of the world. Just like Michael Jackson sang, it is in our hands to shape the world, and that can be done only through education. Through education you can teach the world what you know, and make the place even smarter, thereby, making sure you and the people around you can live happily forever.

Green Revolution – It’s time to repay the debt

a17-Green Revolution - It’s time to repay the debtThe routine we human beings follow as what to eat, where to shop, how to reach a destination etc, may feel normal but collectively they have a huge effect on Global Warming. Long back, Green Revolution was an action taken to increase food production. The term ‘Green Revolution’ is a general one that is applied to successful agricultural experiments in many developing countries. There were three basic elements in the method of the Green Revolution- Continuing expansion of farming areas, double cropping in the same farmland, using seeds with improved genetics.

A more modern context

In this growing globally warm planet now again a Green Revolution is necessary. Not only to increase the yield of crops and farm areas, but also to stop the planet from becoming impossible to retain life. Boosting energy efficiently, greening transportation, reviving renewable, phasing out fossil fuel electricity, developing new low carbon technologies etc might be some. Upgrading the electronics as refrigerators, conditioners etc, getting electricity monitor, changing the light bulbs, washing clothes in cold water may be few steps that can be followed individually also.

Spreading a word about this new green revolution can bring a positive change in long term and help us to replay our Mother Earth. Let’s gather more info about the same, at International Centre for Culture & Education.