Is Global warming a serious threat?

Studies conducted over the last few years, have been indicative of the fact that nearly one fourth of the species living on Earth, could indeed be headed towards extinction by the year 2050! It also is quite apparent that the effect of global warming and climate change is already beginning to transform the life on earth greatly. So, is global warming a serious threat? And, if yes, why? Continue reading “Is Global warming a serious threat?”

Climate Change.. Is it natural or man made?

Is Global Warming a natural process or is it affected by human beings? The argument is always in mind of common people primarily because of the numerous research reports and media coverage related to this topic. The problem faced by an increase in the global temperature is affecting all the living beings on the planet. And all of us should be fully aware of what is behind it and also have solutions ready to be implemented.a4-Climate Change.. Is it natural or manmade

Key reasons for the climate change

A great degree of the reason to blame lies on human beings and the various commercial activities that have resulted in an increase in concentration of greenhouse gases. These include Continue reading “Climate Change.. Is it natural or man made?”

This is the beginning of anything you want.

Students are the treasure of any economy. However, the huge transition from being students to the corporate life is something that students are unable to cope up with. Students have to understand that it is then that they are introduced into this big, bad world (as people like to call it). As students, it is your duty to be fully equipped with what this world needs. Continue reading “This is the beginning of anything you want.”

The threat of climate change!!

In the recent years, climate change has become the ultimate threat to the people in this world. Gone are the days when wars and vandalism were considered to be the major threat to the society. Climatic changes, like uncertainty in the weather forecast, sudden heavy rains, volcanic eruptions, and rising temperatures has slowly started to pose a threat to the people.

One might ask what kind of a threat these changes might pose to the people who live in this world. The answer is pretty simple and the future would surely have to face the dire consequences if this situation is not handled properly. Continue reading “The threat of climate change!!”