The most typical stereotype statement we hear is “DON’T FAIL”…

But what we actually fail to understand is that failure is an asset. It might come with a liability of disappointment but builds the hunger to grow. Entrepreneurs are born with the nature of curiosity. Their curiosity to experiment with their venture, try dynamic environment might prove “Curiosity killed the cat” appropriate. But every entrepreneur get his hands burned time to time.

Failure should not be confused with quitting.

Without a doubt, the first entrepreneurial failure will always be most painful and regretful. Much like heartbreak, however, the process of recovering from failure gets easier with each subsequent failure and each teaches you something new as you evolve as an entrepreneur. While nobody should aspire to fail continually, understanding that you can and will survive only makes you a more effective and confidence entrepreneur.

Fear of failure is a valid fear and shared by many. If we embrace it, understand it, and allow it to motivate us, one will find that fear of failure is something that will make you a better entrepreneur. Some failures are true learning opportunities that give birth to a disciplined innovation and experimentation process; others are the outcomes of very poor decision making. We need to understand that failure can never be avoided. To grow and taste success one should first fight their fear of failing and discover the ladder of success from each hurdle.


For the historic breakout of Paris Agreement, tremendous credit was given to one nation who brought the world together- THE UNITED STATES.

The Trump’s presidency though marks a new era. Being one of the largest economies, President Donald Trump’s decision to exit from Paris Agreement brought chaos in the country. This decision is believed to hurt America more than any other nation as it is a sign of withdrawal from the role of world leader. And providing China an opportunity to step up for the role. According to President Trump his responsibility is only towards the citizen of America and their well being, not towards the world. But the real question is does Americans feel the same way?

The mayors of 82 cities, including Los Angeles, Boston New York and Chicago, have together pledged their support for the agreement – as have the states of California (by itself the sixth-largest economy in the world), New York and Washington have shown their disagreement towards Trump’s by claiming their democracy and taking the responsibility towards their environment and supporting Paris Agreement.

Trump’s misguided decision can fuel resentment toward the U.S. and make things more difficult for American business.

Businesses want to locate where their markets are. By pulling out of the Paris climate accord, Trump sends them clear signal that clean energy companies should look elsewhere. That being the reason many investors and CEOs tried urging the president to stay in.

Companies such as Citigroup are already stating the private sector should be able to participate in the Paris climate deal. Many of them have emissions reductions targets similar to the Paris commitments made by nations.

Women and men alike are determined to stand up for their children and adopt clean energy in their own lives, they will join the myriad cities, states, companies and nations around the world who are leading the way to a cleaner, healthier future – even as the president tries to go backward.

Where Paris Agreement has decided to go with the change with or without America, it is our duty to support the commission by making small changes in our lifestyle for a better future.

To fight against climate change on initiative taken by International Center of Culture and Education is   Green (R)evolution. This initiative encourages us towards a better future and makes aware about our problem and solutions to fight with them. Join us and be a part of our initiative.