Being messy may make you a successful entrepreneur.

Mark Zuckerberg at work.
Mark Zuckerberg at work.

The next time your mom asks you to clean your room or your boss cringes at your messy desk, you can tell them that studies have found that people with a messy desk were more prone to creativity and risk taking, than those with orderly ones. It might just mean you are the next big creative entrepreneur!

There are actually several normed tests for creativity, the most well-known being the Torrance series. These tests, when given to individuals with chronic disorganization find that there are high scores in areas such as storytelling, unusual visualizations, humor, breaking normal boundaries, thinking “outside the box,” and a richness in the images that they create in their minds.

There are many famous examples of successful people who are known to have a messy work environment- Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, Max Levchin, co-founder and former CTO of PayPal, painter Francis Bacon, discoverer of penicillin Alexander Fleming, programmer and codebreaker Alan Turing and many more.

Additionally, having a chaotic work-space could also means that you are a go-getter and are more likely to take risks and be adventurous. These are traits that are a must for any successful entrepreneur.

Just some food for thought for all those who think that nothing can come out of disorder.



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