For the historic breakout of Paris Agreement, tremendous credit was given to one nation who brought the world together- THE UNITED STATES.

The Trump’s presidency though marks a new era. Being one of the largest economies, President Donald Trump’s decision to exit from Paris Agreement brought chaos in the country. This decision is believed to hurt America more than any other nation as it is a sign of withdrawal from the role of world leader. And providing China an opportunity to step up for the role. According to President Trump his responsibility is only towards the citizen of America and their well being, not towards the world. But the real question is does Americans feel the same way?

The mayors of 82 cities, including Los Angeles, Boston New York and Chicago, have together pledged their support for the agreement – as have the states of California (by itself the sixth-largest economy in the world), New York and Washington have shown their disagreement towards Trump’s by claiming their democracy and taking the responsibility towards their environment and supporting Paris Agreement.

Trump’s misguided decision can fuel resentment toward the U.S. and make things more difficult for American business.

Businesses want to locate where their markets are. By pulling out of the Paris climate accord, Trump sends them clear signal that clean energy companies should look elsewhere. That being the reason many investors and CEOs tried urging the president to stay in.

Companies such as Citigroup are already stating the private sector should be able to participate in the Paris climate deal. Many of them have emissions reductions targets similar to the Paris commitments made by nations.

Women and men alike are determined to stand up for their children and adopt clean energy in their own lives, they will join the myriad cities, states, companies and nations around the world who are leading the way to a cleaner, healthier future – even as the president tries to go backward.

Where Paris Agreement has decided to go with the change with or without America, it is our duty to support the commission by making small changes in our lifestyle for a better future.

To fight against climate change on initiative taken by International Center of Culture and Education is   Green (R)evolution. This initiative encourages us towards a better future and makes aware about our problem and solutions to fight with them. Join us and be a part of our initiative.

Killing a Tree, just to save ourselves??

Walking through my street yesterday, I realized it was too open, something too wide enough to see the building’s beside the lane. It was a noticeable gap that startled me. Soon, I came into a realization that the Ashoka Trees that once stood large and tall reaching the height of the building and leaning out from the crowded cement jungle were been vanished. Not only the Ashoka trees but many other’s too. I have always noticed this each and every year before the monsoon. So today morning, I decided to ask the watchman of our building what made them do so. His answer was “Beta, It’s just to stop them from swinging down during the storm and hurting people”.

Okay, I understand the urge and the need about taking them down because Trees may cause a major mishap if it comes down during a windy day. But I felt a bit uncomfortable with the answer because it didn’t do the justification for the concept we teach our future generation of “How to plant more trees”.  And guess what! The cutting of trees also bought plenty of litter spread on the street unattained.

Is it a solution?? Don’t we have another option??

Yes!! we do have the option available.

Cut the branches instead, let it grow again. Let them bloom, with their joy.

“In the morning of rainy drops let the nature burgeon again with a delight of a new life.”

How Honeybee Population Decline could lead to your favourite foods disappearing forever.

beestuffHoneybees are one of the world’s leading pollinators, for they are responsible for $30 billion a year in crops, and we depend on them and other pollinators for one-third of our food supply. Without bees, our produce sections in supermarkets would look bare- with up to 50% less fruit and vegetables- and our favorite foods, such as apples, coffee, avocados, carrots, lemons, onions, broccoli, and not to mention honey, would become a luxury of the past.

As the scientific genius Albert Einstein once said – ‘If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.’ One can understand the gravity of the situation from this quote.

Beginning in 2006, beekeepers began to notice an unusual decrease and disappearance in their honeybee colonies. It seemed as if thousands of honeybees were vanishing into thin air. As worker bees would die, entire bee colonies would collapse. This is called the Colony Collapse Disorder. There are many proposed causes for this syndrome, including: the use of pesticides and insecticides, such as neonicotinoid; the influx of the varroa mite; the spread of diseases and viruses; poor nutrition; habitat loss; and stress factors, such as migratory stress.

Farmers need to stop using chemical based fertilizers and insecticides and there needs to be a movement towards organic food. The responsibility also lies with us by using organic foods and creating a demand for the same so that agriculturists take note of the same and move towards organic farming.
It’s time we take notice of this seemingly trivial but grave issue and act to save the bees before it’s too late.

What do you think??


Deforestation was a big controversy with environmentalists. A lot of people argue the advantages of deforestation, however they look past the bad effects it does have. Individuals who support deforestation might explore the economic advantages of deforestation. Deforestation might have economic advantages, but even though, the disadvantages significantly outweigh the positives. Deforestation destroys natural habitats for animals. The end result of deforestation is a major reduction in biodiversity. Inside the article, advantages of Deforestation, Nathalie Fiset primarily focuses on the economical advantages of deforestation. Another level that Fiset makes is that deforestation may create many jobs. She states that whenever environmentalists opposed to deforestation, it causes many individuals working with lumber merchandises to lose those jobs.

When deforestation is looked over in perspective, could it be truly worthwhile? Individuals are always able to get up and find another job. They could monitor the woods and wildlife rather than cutting down trees plus destroying natural habitats. In a single forest there are several types of trees and it could take centuries to create a voluminous forest that mainly supports biodiversity and all the wildlife surviving in it. The last claim she makes is the fact that destroying woods may help find more natural resources, like petroleum, natural gas, and coal. If deforestation keeps going down the road it is going, then a lot more species may be reduced.

One certain study done by researchers was to record how a stingless bee adapted with deforestation. In a report done on these stingless bees, researchers went to distinct parts of the Amazon which were struggling with deforestation and rolled up the bees to see the way they were accommodating to deforestation. Consequently, they found seven distinct species of stingless bees, however only two of these species seemed to not be impacted by deforestation. This is just an example of how deforestation may destroy a species. Another example of animals in danger due to deforestation is the ring tailed lemurs. Deforestation is placing certainly a lot of pressure on these lemurs live in Madagascar.

The evidence proves that there are plenty of different types of species being impacted by deforestation which range from bees to monkeys. Clearing trees to build farms, towns, and houses only destroys natural habitats. There are other effects of deforestation the fact that many people look past. One example of a side effect of deforestation is the contaminants brought in to the forest. Even though deforestation has greatly influenced the wildlife, there are a few businesses attempting to help some of the animals who struggle in wild.

The Connection Between Climate & Clothing


“People think of fashion as the stuff you buy and wear, But it’s an entire process from the raw material to the making of fibers into yarns and then into fabrics, to manufacturing them into clothing and transporting it to where it’s sold. There are energy costs all along the way”.

If you have ever attended a yoga class, you have probably seen the women and men decked out in the most recent, most fashionable yoga wear. Do not worry – you do not need to rush out to buy expensive gear only to do yoga. It’s a lot more essential that you feel comfy during a yoga practice, not fashionable. The key factor is the fact the fact that yoga clothing should not be restrictive – many people prefer loose clothing made of a stretch cotton material for practicing. You are going to be sweating a lot, particularly in the beginning, since the movements may be very strenuous.

Cotton clothing tends to wick away humidity more than artificial material blends, leaving you a lot more comfortable. Wearing the appropriate clothing during yoga relieves distractions, enabling you to focus on the poses you are doing. Shorts, t shirts, leotards as well as tights are acceptable clothing wherein to do yoga. You are going to clearly be guided by your figure kind as well as which items of clothing make you feel a lot more comfortable and look better. You will not be able to move as readily as you need to this will influence both your attention as well as your capability to do specific poses.

If you reside in a warm climate, shorts are perfect, as your skin layer may be open to the clean air. Tank or tube style tops also assist you to avoid feeling too sweaty and sticky. Realistically, you are going to perspiration during yoga, particularly if you are just getting started. There exists a difference between perspiration as a natural result of exercise as well as critically overheating as you are wearing the wrong clothing. And on the other hand if you’re doing your yoga in a cold or air conditioned room, prolonged or 3 quarter length sleeves will be more suitable and you’ll not feel the cold as much.

Cold air tends to stiffen muscles, that is a large problem during yoga practice. Be sure your clothing keeps you warm enough to keep you supple as well as shield your muscles. Your clothing selections will also be affected by the specific kind of yoga you’re performing. In the case of Bikram Yoga, also known as the Hot yoga, you’ll need to be particularly aware of overheating. Consider shorts and tank tops that help keep you cooler while practicing yoga. If you will be doing Ashtanga or Power Yoga, you will need clothing that moves well and does not bind up between positions. The yoga clothing you choose may be a good way of expressing your personality. If you are a stylish person, choose multi coloured garments that reflect your appearance and personality. If you love nature, select earth tones and flower colors.

As landfills amass millions of tons of clothing annually, and as thrift stores are swamped with the castoffs of our hyperconsumption, experts say the best way to reduce our planetary impact isn’t by changing outfits. It’s by overhauling our attitudes.“Shakespeare wrote ‘fashion wears out more apparel than the man,’ and that phrase is even truer today!” .The pace of fashion change is much, much more rapid now than it was even 100 years ago.

“You’re never going to reduce your carbon footprint to zero, really. I mean, you’re here, And being naked really isn’t an option.”